Hi, I’m Dave Schowalter and I’m asking for your Vote.

Why I’m asking for another term.

For the last 39 years I have either owned or operated a successful small business. I live and work in the Town of Grand Chute, an area that I love. My belief is that with my creative business mind, and the wealth of experience gained from my previous terms, I can continue to successfully lead in another term as your Chairperson.

We need to make sure that government remains accountable for its’ spending habits. That includes all elected officials and department heads. Maintaining a business positive environment is essential to the continued vitality of our township and its’ citizens. Over the recent years, we have experienced tremendous business and residential growth. I believe this proves that great strides have been made in making Grand Chute a wonderful place to work and live.

I do not accept donations or financial contributions for my campaign. All I ask is for your vote. If you would like to show your support with a yard sign, please email me from my Contact page and I will be more than happy to stop out and place a sign for you.

Where I Stand

Street Assessments

The Town Board is currently holding workshops and gathering data to explore if any changes would be a right way to move forward. Over half the Town has been urbanized at this point. We need to decide if that half of the Town should now contribute their tax dollars towards the next half that isn’t urbanized. Commercial properties are assessed at 100% and residents need to understand that without business assessment, the residents would have to pay millions for commercial road construction. That’s not fair. With over 125 miles of roads in Grand Chute, and all the new businesses coming to town, we as a board need to get this right.

Big Box Store Loophole

As a Town, we lost $250,000 in commercial tax revenue last year alone. Unfortunately, that gets passed onto our tax bill. We need to keep pressure on Madison to get this resolved. This job entails making many tough decisions and some people don’t always agree with the decisions, but I will always do what is right for Grand Chute as a whole. I pride myself on being “The Taxpayers Watchdog”, and I take that role to heart.



John Bergstrom

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Jeff Nooyen

Corey Stumpf

Tony Rosecky

Jim Temmer

Dale Youngquist

Jerry & Sue Wollersheim

Duane Boeckers

Doug Brauer

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Ryan Kolosso


Grand Chute Town Chairman

Grand Chute Supervisor

Member of Fox Cities CVB

CVB Room Tax Commissioner

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Chair Board of Review

Pres. Fox West Regional Sewerage Comm.

Chair Plan Commission

Chair Joint Sanitary District

Community Dev. Authority

Alderman City of Appleton 1992